We can dream, can't we?

2000 Mitsu Eclipse, 03 Jeep Liberty Renegade
A little background:
I'm considering mazda again as I look for a new car (in spite of my RX-3 experience (pissed))
Looked at the 3 hatch - too low for getting the grandkids in and out of the carseats, back seat room is pitiful, gas mileage is mediocre at best (I ave. right at 30mpg overall in my 10 yr old Eclipse!)
OK, so I look at the CX-7, nice, pretty roomy, but same poor gas mileage (the 2.5, not the turbo) a little underpowered.
SO saying all that, Here's MY wish list for the CX-5 (Mazda are listening?)
- Higher than the 3
- 4-6" longer than the 3, put all the space into the rear legroom
- SKY drivetrains, YES, including the DIESEL!!!
- be sure the rear seats fold flat
- don't put all the options in packages so I can get what I want, not do without since I will not pay $3000 for a package that has one $500 item that I actually want.

Or they could have just put the 2.2 turbo diesel in the CX-7 instead of the 2.5 and saved a lot of trouble

Anyway, what are you guys hoping for in the CX-5?
Like I said, we can dream, and evidently we're got a year or so to do it.