Water in passenger footwell - where's the leak?

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^ you could get lucky and reduce if not near eliminate the issue by cleaning out the front windshield cowl & opening up the drainage pass in each side. either way, shit rot-boxes & an engineering failure by mazda.
i wound up replacing 70%+ of my floorpan in addition to rewelding the cowl floor & a crapton of sealer in every place imaginable. just hope your car isn't that bad


lolmsp lolms3
trunk could be the seams (more than likely if you've been in a rear end fender bender), trunk seals, or tail lights. my tail lights and trunk seal were letting in water. i removed the tail lights and added a rubber washer before putting the nuts back on and it fixed it for me. the trunk seal was my fault though. my trunk was replaced and not properly adjusted and wasn't closing tight enough.

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