Warming up the engine on cold starts

2014 Ford Explorer Sport, 2009 CX9(Wife's)
I hear what you're saying and when I was working (now retired) the car only got a few minutes warmup after sitting in a cold parking lot all day.That was normal.However when I'm at home my car sits outside (no garage at present nor do I have a block heater) so it can warm while I get ready to go.If the car is covered in snow or totally coated in ice it definitely gets warmed up .I like the ice to melt off the windows.Scraping is a b**** and can ruin wiper rubber if not careful.Also can scratch windshield from grit on windshield under the ice.As said before,the tranny "likes it" and shifts smoother.In previous cars with regular power steering (non-electric) it steered easier and smoother.Hydraulic systems" like" warm fluid.
Really,the car is a machine to SERVE my needs and I'll keep it well maintained but use it to COMFORTABLY serve my needs.I see no reason to place it on a pedestal and worship it and worry about possible increased wear or extra fuel usage.As stated,it serves me and i'm not going to freeze my ass off in a frigid piece of steel and glass because of the prevailing notions of the masses on such matters.
While I'm on a roll and the subject of lubrication /oil is mentioned,ponder this.How warm do you think the oil is when that (CX-5) blue light goes off at 130*F.I bet that if you felt the oil pan at that time it'd barely be warm if at all and nowhere near 130*F .Coolant temp and oil temp don't track the same starting out so I'd rather the oil flow a little better before being put under load.Just the way I see it.
Many good points as well. I think it boils down to each person do what they want.

I also agree with 7eregrine in that warm up styles probably have very little effect on engine durability these days. Again, just an assumption since I haven't seen data to say one way is better.