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Warburrito's eco / aero Protege5 build *new

Mazda Protege5

The Megan Racing MRS-MZ-1022 trailing arms showed up last week and after a HUGE hassle removing the old ones I got them installed. I heard the Megan arms have a tendency to rust so I filled the corners with hot glue (all my silicone was dried out), gave them a light sanding, and applied a few coats of clear before installing them.
How much did you get the trailing arms for?
03 Audi TT, 06 Elise
Warburritos eco / aero Protege5 build new

I agree... his build doesnt even hit 86 Fhr and it requires very expensive items.
Hed get raped by casters if he didnt use so many resist charms.

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