Very slight scraping noise while moving

2019 CX-9 GT
Just bought a 2019 GT about a month ago. It has 750 miles now, and I've come to notice a very, very slight scraping sound once I get above about 15 mph that seems to get slightly louder with speed, but even at its loudest, it's quiet enough that most people wouldn't notice it (my wife can't detect it). But I often notice little things that others tend to not notice. I would describe the sound as similar to dragging a paper coffee cup slowly across a table. I got my wife to drive the car slowly while I walked and put my head near the wheels outside, but I couldn't hear anything. Like I said, only really notice it at speed, and only when it's very quite in the car. It wouldn't surprise me if it's been there from the beginning, but it's not something that's easily noticed, so it could have gone unnoticed while I was getting familiar with other aspects of the car or talking to family, listening to music, etc.

Could this be an issue with the brakes, or could it be wheel bearings, or even tire or wind noise? I think what makes me notice it, even though it's extremely faint, is that it isn't a 100% consistent sound (imagine dragging the paper coffee cup on a table with slightly inconsistent motion). I'm afraid that if I take it to the dealer they'll just say they didn't hear anything and everything looked normal and I may get charged a diagnostic fee for nothing. I haven't noticed any change in the sound when turning or braking, other than the sound getting completely unnoticeable when I go below a certain speed.
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2018 CX-9 GT
I have not heard this on my CX-9 but I have heard a similar noise on my MDX. In my case, it's coming from the front brake's stone shield that is on the rear of the rotor assembly. The metal of the shield is slightly bent and rubs against the far outer edge of the rotor. I've tried to bend it back but it seems to want to reform back into shape and rub. In my case, there's no effect on the rotor. You may want to crawl under the CX-9 and check the clearance between the rotor's stone shield and the rotor...
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Or it could be a pebble or other object between the stone shield and the disc. Not a problem, just an annoyance.