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Vacuum valve connection

I bought a 2002 Protege 5. It has a vacuum valve that seems to be missing a hose but I cannot find out where it goes. We have looked all over the engine compartment and can't find any unused connectors. I downloaded a manual for it with no results, Found several diagrams online that were no help at all. Before this I thought I was a decent mechanic.
In case it doesn't show up, it's at the rear of the engine, by the the brace. Three vacuum lines, one electrical connector. Cylindrical with one line on the rear and two in an 'L' on the front.
Thank you in advance. 202,000 miles plus!
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The Diagram Dude
2002 mazda protege 5
There is suposed to be a little air filter plugged on there instead.

It just pushes on there and I guess yours fell off so the PO must have just put that plug on it.

That little vacuum connector is supposed to breathe so the plug really shouldn't be there or it may malfuction.

You're better off removing it and maybe put a short piece of tubing there instead.
That will help to filter any air going in so that dust, dirt, or oily stuff doesn't get into the valve.


The Diagram Dude
2002 mazda protege 5
You're welcome.

You could probably get one from a wrecker for a buck or two but a short piece of tubing hanging down should be fine.

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