Urgent Help needed - Can Mazda 3 Key fob program with Mazda cx 5

Mazda CX-5 Toruning 2013
I really need help, I lost my original Key Fob of Mazda cx 5 2013 and has duplicate keyfob, Someone on Kijiji selling MAZDA 3 Key Fob , FCC ID , IC and Model number watch with mazda cx 5 key

Now I am confused if Mazda 3 key fob , can be program with MAZDA CX 5 2013

as per MAZDA 3 keryfob has this Info
IC: 662F-SKE13D01

Please help
2015 CX-5 GT AWD liquid silver
I believe that the Mazda 3 fob has a button for the trunk, and the CX-5 fob does not. I don't know if that will matter.