Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

2019 CX-5 Signature Soul Red Crystal Metallic
It will work but the procedure is slightly different. Follow the instructions exactly as listed and you cannot go wrong. BTW, I pumped the breaks every 5 minutes instead of the 20 minutes recommended. Did not want to take any chances on the system timing out.

Before doing anything read the instructions in detail. Do a dry rehearsal run to avoid surprises.
If you have ANY doubts, tell the dealer you are having some issues and have them do the update.
First time I did my car (about 1 month after delivery to me) the update got to 99%, and BOOM.. everything shut off. LMAO. I had set the timer from the point where the upgrade starts, NOT from when the CMU shut-down occurs when you have to get out of the car..

I panicked. I've never sweated so fast in my life.. but thankfully, when I hit the start button, it came back up and completed with no issues.

So like you, I did it in 5 minute intervals this time. lol
2019 Mazda CX5 GTR
Updated from .355. No issues. Instructions were great - just keep in mind if you try this, it seems like it hangs but the blank screen lasts for a few minutes, then it stops at like 2% for a few minutes...goes straight up to 80% pretty quickly...then progresses really slowly again.

Coming from a more recent firmware, the start up times seem just as slow - but I *think* the interface itself is a little more responsive.

Thanks all! Good luck!