Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

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Hey everyone,

I've seen this prop up in a couple of the other threads, so I thought I'd post a master post for it.

Mazda has released an update for the Infotainment system.

A lot of us have been complaining about SiriusXM drop outs / no SiriusXM at all on this forum, and the changelog posted in the thread below indicates it has been fixed with this release.

You can download the release here and do the update on your own (FAIR WORD OF CAUTION - FOLLOW the instructions 100%. Don't deviate, don't shortcut. Also, download yourself a hashchecker program and in the post someone has kindly posted the MD5 and SHA-1 hash to validate that your download is accurate and isn't missing anything.

IF you are NOT comfortable with technology, I recommend taking your car to the dealer and having them do it.


I have noticed the system is quicker to boot, and I haven't had any SiriusXM drop outs today at all. I had one just yesterday after months of it working fine, so I'm hoping this fixes it.

Good luck everyone!
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I just completed this update on my 2019 GTR. Coming from 335. All went well. no issues.

Overall I have been pleased with the system. I have experienced one issue I would call a bug. We always have Apple carplay up and running. When going from a paused podcast on the Iphone to the FM radio all volume would be lost, thought I inadvertently hit the mute button. When I tried going back into the podcast, pressing play, all was good, podcast came in right where it left off. Now, returning to FM, all is fine now. This only happens about 1 in 10 times I'm estimating.

un-plugging and then plugging back in the Iphone did NOT resolve the issue.

Cycling power on the car DID resolve the issue.

I will set a reminder for about a month from now to reply back to this thread. I should have a good idea by then if this 352 level actually resolved this issue.

Update, 2/10/2020...little over a month of usage. Apply carplay connects much quicker. FM volume loss has not occurred. Only issue has been voice over for directions, either apple or google maps seems to stop. Go to my podcast app, start to play a podcast, works fine. Now back to apple or google maps and the voice over works fine. This has happened about 3 times over the last month, approximately 10% of the time, maybe.

Have had zero re-boots, either intentional or system caused. Have not had to un-plug and re-plug the phone at all.

So my experience is significantly better, but still some issues. Note, these may very well be apple and not the car. I am on the latest IOS, 13.something.

fyi..i don't use satellite radio or bluetooth. I do use onboard nav some, no issues with that.
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FYI, after about a week of having this latest update after having 335, my experience has been as follows:

--Apparent slight improvement in full system bootup time
--Phone when connected by cable is now consistently recognized by the system as such
--Likely related to that, less automatic default to BT when the phone is already cable-connected
--Best of all for my own usage, the system more consistently and promptly automatically starts CarPlay whether I attach my phone before I start the car or afterwards.
--Can’t comment on any improvements to the car’s Sirius XM. I only occasionally use sat radio and only via my Sirius XM phone app (I mostly use Pandora when not playing music synced to my phone).

Overall, glad I don’t have the need for those previous repeated cable disconnect/reconnects (and occasional manual reboot of the system) to get my phone recognized for the CarPlay option.
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Where is the link that shows how to update the firmware?
Performed the update on my recently purchased 2019 GT.
Update went smoothly, took about 35-40 minutes. Thank you for posting the link.


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Performed the update on my recently purchased 2019 GT.
Update went smoothly, took about 35-40 minutes. Thank you for posting the link.
Same here only hiccup was to remember to be back in radio mode after Step 8 when putting USB stick in.


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Just updated the firmware on my GT-R successfully and without any missteps. Thanks to all here and on the mazda3revolution site who posted guides and help. I won't be as afraid of the next update.
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Thought I'd share an experience with a friend of mine and his new Subaru.
I've seen people on here complain over the years about Mazda's infotainment system.
Personally, I like it, but then again, I don't have any real experience with other systems, until today.

Anyway, a friend of mine just bought a 2020 Subaru Outback with all the tech goodies.
Picked it up last week.
I sat in it with him today for over an hour, checking it out, and trying to figure out how everything works.
This thing is an absolute mess. Huge screen taking up most of the centre console, with only TWO physical buttons on the dash.
A volume button and a tuning button for the radio. That's it.
Everything else has to be accessed through the touch screen info system.
Want to change the temperature or turn on the A/C, or adjust the fan speed?
Scroll to the proper screen and then fumble with the touch screen to find the right icon to adjust it, all the while you're going down the freeway in heavy traffic, not looking where you're going because you can't find the right icon.
Want to turn on the heated seats? Same story. No physical button. Find the right screen and then the right icon, which of course is tiny.
Hit the wrong icon, and you've changed the screen or adjusted something else you didn't mean to change instead of turning on your seats.
It is complex, confusing, poorly laid out and poorly executed, and slow.
Whoever thought this setup was even remotely a good idea should be lined up on a wall and whipped.
The touch screen is not locked out while moving, because there is no scroll wheel, or touch pad, or any other control buttons that you can use to change the settings.
This setup is dangerous, and gives new meaning to the word distracted driving.

I'll take the physical buttons, scroll wheel etc in the Mazda any day of the week.
The Subaru had none of this stuff.
After an hour of messing with his car, I was no further ahead in understanding where stuff was or how to change things. It is not intuitive in any way.
He doesn't understand half of it either, and he already doesn't like the fact that he doesn't have physical buttons for the HVAC system.

I wished him luck.

P.S. forgot to add that the in car NAV system is TomTom based, and looks like it. 'Nuff said.
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Totally agree. Mother in law has a Cherokee and it at least has dials for the HVAC, that's it. Although it gets good reviews from many reviewers because unlike just about everyone else, Jeep let's you customize it like having the heated seat buttons on the main screen. If you want. I prefer tactile things
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Just had my dealer update the Mazda Connect software to 70.00.352 this morning during an oil change. All seems fine. My only major complaint with the system is slow boot time (especially when using Bluetooth) and the system randomly would crash and reboot. Probably happened at least 5-10 times since our last oil change. Always is fine after the reboot but aggravating nonetheless. Hopefully this update increases overall system stability.
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Same here; no issues with update installation. Explanations are clear and straight forward. Thank you.

How come my dealership never suggests me to do the upgrade when I go for regular maintenance???
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I didn't have any issue with my old software. So, I didn't bothered with the 2 updates before. I'll probably not update mine again unless that is a big change to the software.
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Same here; no issues with update installation. Explanations are clear and straight forward. Thank you.

How come my dealership never suggests me to do the upgrade when I go for regular maintenance???
The dealer told my wife Mazda would not cover the CMU update unless she had an issue to report. Fair enough, it takes a good 30 - 40 minutes to do the update, I can see why they would not want to pay for it unless you are having problems.
Last night I updated both of our CX-5's. Pretty straight forward process. No issues to report.
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Will this work on on my 2016 CX-5? My version seems much older than you folks are discussing. I've attached a pic. View attachment 222441
It will work but the procedure is slightly different. Follow the instructions exactly as listed and you cannot go wrong. BTW, I pumped the breaks every 5 minutes instead of the 20 minutes recommended. Did not want to take any chances on the system timing out.

Before doing anything read the instructions in detail. Do a dry rehearsal run to avoid surprises.
If you have ANY doubts, tell the dealer you are having some issues and have them do the update.