Updated 2020 Key Fob Compatibility with Older Models

Does anyone know if the updated Mazda key fobs (left in the picture) can be programmed to work with previous model vehicles?

I checked the FCCID on the 2019 CX-5 fob and an updated fob sold online. The FCCID for the updated fob is identical except for the last digit (a 3 on the updated fob instead of a 2).

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Probably compatible. Often the last digit is just a revision number. My personal preference would be the old (right) one since it looks less bulky.
My old 2008 CX9 had a way for the owner to program the car to accept a limited number of additional/replacement FOBs. IIRC, you needed the two already accepted FOBs. I'd be interested in knowing if that still applies. If so, I might pick up a used one off ebay. Always good to have another spare.
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What model year is the fob the right from? My 2016.5 CX doesn't have the hatch/trunk release button on it but my 2016 MX does have that button.

What's the deal with the new fobs being so large?
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Check out Mazda 3 forums--that model had the updated fob first for NA, I believe. I seem to recall that it isn't compatible, but I could easily be remembering incorrectly or that has since been proven wrong. When this topic came up earlier on here, I mentioned my favorite Mazda fob was the very thin, flat fob that came with my 2006 MX-5, and even the removable key had a flat head which made it very easy to pocket. This new fob is probably 2x or even 3x as thick as that older one, but I prefer a more flat design regardless as compared to a fatter skinner one. "Is that a Mazda keyfob in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?". ;)😄😄