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CX-5 Sport 6MT
I have a 2013 CX-5 sport. It has the base radio in it so I'm not able to change the personalization options such as smart turn, lighting delay, and unlock all doors option without visiting the dealer. When I got my car I made note of all the settings that can be changed and how I wanted them set. They were able to change all of them except the one to unlock all doors with single press option. At that time they suggested that I give it some time for Mazda to update their software and this option might be able to be changed in the future. At my last oil change I asked again about this. They made another attempt, but again they were not able to do this for me. Im curious if any other owners with the base radio have been successful in getting this changed on their CX-5? I would think that if they could change an obscure option like the interior light delay option they would also be able to do the door lock option. Not so according to the dealer. Im a bit suspect that they didnt even try, but I figured Id ask the forum to see if someone else was able to get this changed. Every day I put by laptop bag behind the drivers seat a way too often Im pulling on a locked door handle. I have no fear of being car jacked or someone opening the other doors. I would simply like that car to fully unlock itself when told to. Any insight would be appreciated.

I ran into the same thing with my '13 CX-9. And I don't even have the base radio. I have the Touring with Tech package and was told the only way I could enable the "unlock all" feature was if I had the Grand Touring. They were able to enable the auto-lock when walking away though, which was the main feature I wanted.
CX-5 Sport 6MT
Well I finally found the solution to my problem. I got no advice from the dealer after asking about this on at least four occasions over a period of 3 years. They simply told me it wasn't possible on the sport model and it couldn't be done. The solution is actually very simple and it doesn't require visiting the dealer or upgrading the head unit to the touchscreen unit which I just tried.

Here's the steps:

1) Unlock with the key fob and leave the drivers door open.

2) Within 30 seconds of opening the door, press and hold the unlock button on the key fob. After holding for 5 seconds, the door locks will cycle to confirm the current mode of the
unlock option. Press and hold the key fob unlock button again. The locks will cycle again to confirm the unlock mode. This time the all the passenger doors should be in the unlocked position.

3) Close the drivers side door to save the setting. Done.

I hope this information helps other owners. I'm so disappointed in the lack of knowledge from my Mazda dealers service dept. I can't believe it took over 3 years to get this sorted and the solution was so simple. It has been an unresolved annoyance for me since day 1. So glad it's fixed now and I plan on informing the dealer about how to do this so they don't tell the next guy that it can't be done.
2014 CX-5 sport
Great info! Thank you! Where did you find it? Are there any other manual codes like this to change the other options?
I have the 2014 CX 9 AWD its also referred to as Luxury Wagon on paperwork. It also has ACTV6 written.
I cannot get this sequence to work, but can see that it works for 2013, 2014 sport and a 2015 GT above so mine is in the middle and would have to use the same controller smarts.

Can you guys be a bit more specific, especially 'cycle' etc. Here is what I am doing:

1. Unlock car as normal with fob (driver unlocked only as per normal)
2. Open drivers door physically with handle & leave ajar.
3.Within 30 secs I hold down unlock button, the only observation is that the drivers door clunks at the first press of the button, (but its already unlocked so no change, after 5 secs no changes, nor anytime after that, I held it for a while to be sure, then release button.
4. Press button again, hold for at least 5 secs and again the drivers only clunks there is no change to the passenger doors for as long as I hold it, I tried even 30 secs.

Am I missing something guys?

Would love to solve this as the kids pull the handles on the first clunk which means they mess with the unlock on the second and I have to do it again.

Thank you

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