Ungodly chirping sound

Hi everyone,

I have a 2011 Mazda CX 7 that I recently replaced both the front struts, belt tensioner and idler pulley. For the first 50 miles or so, everything felt and sounded great until (out of nowhere) this ridiculous chirping sound appeared as I was driving. At first I was convinced that it was coming from the new compression on the bottom end of the windshield. I then put electrical tape along the top side of the lip that meets the windshield. No change. After that, I took off the serpentine belt, cleaned the pulleys and triple checked to make sure it's aligned and still, no change. Lastly, I tried putting WD40 on all of the bolts that held the new struts up and, of course, no f**king change.

The noise only happens as I'm driving and without consistency.

I'm at my wits end to try to find the origin of this bane of a sound so if any of you kind folk have ANY suggestions, I'm all ears.

Video with said sound is in Dropbox link


Thank you so much for you time in reading this.