Turn off Power Mirrors?

Does anyone here who’s lives in colder areas with freezing temperatures turn off their power side mirrors? Mine failed yesterday as the snow got stuck in the crevices and am afraid it will happen again. I found something a YouTube that explains how to turn it off but wondering from anyone here if they do it too and their experience with it.


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This was recently discussed in the CX-5 subforum. Here is the TSB referenced in that thread, which applies to the following vehicles:
  • 2019 CX-5s with VINs lower than 653298 (produced before June 11, 2019)
  • 2019 CX-9s with VINs lower than 337041 (produced before August 28, 2019)
If your CX-9 falls within that range, you should be able to get the mirrors warrantied and replaced with the new units, which I assume are a bit more robust.