Turbocharged PGTs/MX6s KLZE intake manifold


Got to love KL's with Ts!
Ford Probe GT
Turbocharged PGTs/MX6s KLZE intake manifold

EDIT: Price dropped to $100 shipped!
Hi all,
I've opted out from the Probe scene for quite some time even though the PGT still sits in the garage but here's something that might be useful to someone who's modding PGTs/MX6s/MX3s/ 626s or Millenias.
A turbo application KLZE intake. Yes this means no VRIS flaps or shafts. I removed them when I turbocharged my 94 PGT and had success with it (see RigsPGT on ProbeTalk) The holes have been threaded and bolts cover them among some jb weld to hide them (this was for cleaner look). By the way, the intake is wrapped and don't feel like ripping the box for pictures but since I used to snap pics of everything I was doing back then, I'm using old ones (RigsPGT on Photobucket)
The manifold doesn't come with throttle body or injectors. Those have been sold long ago.
Shoot me an email at rigert79@yahoo.com if interested or if you have questions. This email is also used for Paypal payments. Cash is welcomed if you're in the area and $25 will be deducted of the total price.
Shipping is included in the sale price for the 48 states but if you are overseas, we have to figure things out. I've sold parts to members in PT who live in Canada and had to charge them extra then if the receipt showed less, I would return the rest.
As a rule of mine I go by, an email or text will be issued minutes after the package is released with the picture of the receipt. I've done it in the past, members appreciate it, I would too if I was the buyer :)
Thank You!

List Date: 8/23/2015

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