Turbo oil return question

Mazdaspeed Protege
Blown msp engine swap - mp3. msp engine through a rod and put a hole in the block where the turbo oil return is so can’t swap it over. Tried to research as much as possible but no such luck.

So the question is can I use a bulk head style A/N fitting and just drill it in to the top of the oil pan or get a bung welded on? I have also heard that it needs to be above the oil level in the pan which also raises a concern. Any help would be much appreciated, just want her back to life. Been down for 2+ years now, thanks.
2003.5 MSP
Drill and tap the main bearing support plate in the same spot where the msp return fitting would be.

You can use a 90 degree fitting, 1/2 npt to 5/8 hose barb. My buddies turbo P5 was same way and it worked fine.

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