Turbo help

2001 mazda protege mp3
I have a mazda mp3. Need help on how to install a turbo. I.e. what stock parts need to be replaced headers, internals and so forth. Also how much psi i can push without blowing my engine in the oem 2.0. Or would an engine swap be better? Any help and suggestions would be most dope.
2002 Protege5
I would advise you to do some searching on the forum, using a handy tool that starts with a big G with box under it to type stuff into and generally reading about turbos and set ups. The kind people of Protg land will thank you for not blowing up another car by first receiving an education of a sort.

Now.... yes you will need a new "header" and in the land of turbo it is call a turbo manifold so you look semi educated. Keep in mind I Am being polite here.

Pistons rods bearings and crank should be fine as long as the miles aren't too high. I have always heard the lower end of these engines are super strong when handled properly. Piston being on the lower end of the strength in this area. So if anything get a good set and swap those in.

PSI is an animal you need toearn about but as a rule you will rarely find a smart guy pushing over 8psi on stock internals unless they are specifically trying to destroy their engine and potentially other parts for some unknown or even known reason.

Engine swaps are awesome but depending on what you are doing there are various levels of expertise required (check out the Franken probe just as an example of genius and stellar work).

Aside from that you can learn alot more reading from veterans and asking good quality simple questions and building a reputation first. Outside of that don't expect to many people to dump pearls of wisdom, time, blood,sweat, tears, and countless dollars of trial and error out on the table.

I hope this helps a bit. Have a great day!