Turbo advice

Mazda Protege5 2002 2.0L
Hey all! So recently the my engine started knocking so I'm planning on putting a new engine in (oem) and putting a turbo on it. If the damage in the current engine isn't that bad I'll probably end up re-building the motor if possible and boosting at a later date (unlikely).
Anyways, I'm on a bit of a budget so I instantly went to ebay and found some things that looked nice.
And this
I wanna make sure I do this right without overdoing it too much so I'd love to hear from other people here who have done similar things to their P5's in the past and what worked/didn't work.
Mazda P5
Don't. That's my advice unless you want to be like certain people on this forum and rebuild your engine so, go NA and spend the extra 3x the money or just enjoy the car

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