Trouble trying to start

I have 2003 Protege5, it's a 5 speed and when I try to crank it I have to press the clutch in and then press even harder to get it to start. I tried to google anything from crank position sensor to to clutch position sensor and really didn't get anywhere. Has anyone else ran into this?
Starter? I had to do this to my last car before it wouldn't crankover. Smack your Starter and see if it tirns on. Check your brake resovoir 1st.
I had this issue and it ended when a clutch fluid line began to leak... It caused the brake fluid to drop in the reservoir and the clutch fluid intake is above the brake fluid intake so it causes this issue before any brake problems... So i would say to check brake fluid reservoir first...
Actually... There's a switch when you press the clutch in that if it's not pressed had enough it won't crank. What I actually ended up doing is placing a piece of cardboard on top of the switch!!
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… What I actually ended up doing is placing a piece of cardboard on top of the switch!!
Great that you figured out what the problem is, but I recommend removing the switch and checking to see if it can be adjusted. Some of those type of switches have a threaded adjuster, which will allow the trip setting to be repositioned back up off the floor. Some of them can even be adjusted without removing them.

But if it can't be adjusted, then you'll want to order a new switch now, before the day comes when it wears down even more and the cardboard trick won't work anymore.


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The starter interlock switch can be bypassed. You unplug the the switch from its connector and plug a fuse into the harness end of the connector.

Not the mini fuse that our car uses, but the older bigger fuses. It fits perfectly in the connector.

Be careful if you do this. The car will be able to start in gear, so there is a safety issue.

There are two switches on the clutch. One is a switch for the ECU and cruise control unit, the other is the starter interlock switch.

Make sure you find the right switch and connector.