Tried testing SCBS & SBS today


CX5 Optimum 2020
A lot of useful information, and I'm grateful for all of it. I just would have thought that in the last year at least once I would have been inattentive enough for the front braking system to work. My goal with the sheet was just to determine whether it's working at all or not. Guess I will or won't find out the hard way one day
An obvious test could be to let mother-in-law cross the road when you come driving :cool:
I have ASCBS and I do not doubt that it works, but it is disappointing that there is no audible warning until the "BRAKE!" sign appears, which is only a fraction of a second before the car will brake. Before that, the only warning is visual (I have the "Heads up" windshield display). This is not very helpful as it requires you to be looking straight ahead, in which case you could just as easily see that you are about to hit another car! The point should be to warn you when you are NOT paying attention to the road in time to apply the brakes in a normal manner. Even with my system on the "far" setting the warning is too late.

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