Transfer Case - 4WD Issues

2008 Mazda CX-9 Touring
I've become a victim of the transfer case problem. My AWD wasn't working properly, and the 4WD light would come on (blinking) but go off again. I went to the dealer who said I needed a new transfer case, which I had them replace (didn't do my homework!). THEN they said the problem was still happening, and that the transmission splines were worn and I needed a new transmission too.

I know the combination of old/new will eventually ruin the new transfer case, but any idea how soon? Have there been any breakthroughs to fixing the problem that don't require replacing the transmission?
2007 Mazda CX-9 Touring
Wadewit go back to ebay and type mazda cx-9 transfer case. They have several brand new oem transfer cases from 650 to 700 shipped. Do not buy aftermarket especially when it is something like a transfer case that you can get oem new for a little bit more.
If this has been answered directly already please forgive me, but I did do a search before posting.

Is it possible to completely remove the PTU and just leave it out, essentially leaving just FWD with no other work needed? I have seen some mention of it being needed for the passenger front axle but could find no definitive answer either way and a lot of the other info I found is Ford related anyway.

If this is a good option I may consider doing this as AWD is not essential to my driving these days.
yes you can convert it to 2wd, i have done it on mine with no problem, take the transfer case out as well as the driveshaft
yes you can convert it to 2wd, i have done it on mine with no problem, take the transfer case out as well as the driveshaft
Thank you very much puma for that reply. It's very good news to know that I have that option to keep my vehicle on the road for a while longer without a huge repair bill.
'11 Mazda CX-9 GT AWD
Appears as though ours has died a second time. I think our first was replaced around 70-75k miles? That was under the extended warranty; I know I posted on here somewhere, maybe on this thread, about how I was gonna sell it after the first replacement... but the wife wanted to keep it. So here we are at 150k and I was changing the oil and saw the transfer case appears to be leaking again. Probably fix it one more time and then start thinking about a replacement vehicle. It's been a pretty good vehicle but this and the water pump design has got me thinking it is time to get away from this ticking time bomb.

*Update 1*

Called the Mazda dealer where we had been having it serviced (including warranty work) before I took over oil changes and tire rotations. They said $1500-$2000 for replacement if no damage to transmission splines.

*Update 2*

Took it to an independent shop near our house to have them take a look. They confirmed the leak is where the PTU connects to the transmission. They told me that they didn't want to work on it; would have to charge me too much. I like their honesty.

*Update 3*

Took it to the Mazda dealer where we bought it. I had called them and service adviser talked to one of his techs who told him 5 hours of labor. That along with the price of the PTU would be around $1300-1500 out the door. We drove down there and dropped it off tonight.

*Update 4*

They called and said $1661 out the door to replace transfer case. Higher than they originally quoted but less than what I have seen others pay so we are happy.

Wife says she wants to try and trade it in at this point. I might try and sell it outright first.

*Update 5*

Went to pick up the car and was told the OTD was now $1789. I asked why I was told $1661 and the lady thought maybe it was before tax. Which, doesn't make sense because the total before tax on the bill is $1715.63. So, anyway, not a terrible price from what I have seen out there but pissed it was more than I had been quoted... but without it in writing what can I do?

Anyway, call around, get it writing, you've heard this all before; the nicer the guy is on the phone the less likely you can trust him.

*Update 6*

Traded her in today (01/30/2020). Picked up a 2016 Kia Sorento SX AWD with 26k miles and one year of warranty left. Got $5350 for the CX-9 on trade-in; NADA said $5500 for average trade in with 150k miles. She was a pretty good vehicle for us over the 120k miles we had her but with two major flaws (transfer case / internal water pump) keeping her longer just didn't make sense. Good luck to you guys!!
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I was stuck in the snow today while all other vehicles nearby made the gentle slope without any problem. Turned out the rear wheels didn't move at all while the front ones were spinning like crazy. I didn't notice this until someone stopping to help me pointed that out. I've had lots of problems since I bought the Mazda CX9 2010. Now I know why the front wheels always spin on snowy and wet surface even when the ground is almost flat. Time to get rid of this Mazda CX9 clunker, the worst vehicle I've ever driven in more than 25 years.