TPMSs for your Winters wheels?

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Hey folks.

I combed through the CX-9 forum and the web for this answer but came up short. If I missed the answer to this in another post, please link and close this thread.

Does anyone know if the 2019 CX-9 supports recognizing TPMSs from two sets of wheels? With past vehicles, I've always had a second set of rims and tires for the winter but without TPMSs. As the winter wheels didn't have TPMSs, the "low tire pressure" light would be on all winter until I put my summers back on. What I'm considering to do is getting TPMSs for my winter wheels so that annoying light doesn't pop up.

What I know about other manufactures is that a new TPMS must be "programmed" (sync'd) with the vehicle so that it recognizes the source of the message.(wheels). Vehicles I've had in the past only allowed for 4 TPMS sources. This made it impossible to have a second set of wheels with TPMSs installed without having to "re-program" the vehicle every spring and fall.

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I don't know about the '19, but our 2010 does just fine with two sets (second set was from a totaled out 2012). I believe the owner's manual talks about syncing them by taking the vehicle up to 15mph. In practice, it 'just works'..
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If it's anything like my 2017 6, which I run in the winter with different size tires and rims, it's not a problem.
My 6 does not have TPMS in the wheels. Mazda monitors the rotation speed of each wheel to determine if one tire is low.
I'm going to assume that the CX-9 doesn't have them either, and that the system is the same. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
When I switch tires in the fall and spring, I just have to do a reset, which takes all of ten seconds (it's in the owners manual).
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Certain tire pressure sensors can be programmed to clone the original sensors. The car's receiver reads the new sensors the same as the original sensors. That has worked well with other cars I've owned. Discuss this with your tire shop staff.

I've ruined one snow tire. It was an original Blizzak (very soft rubber) and a sliver-shaped stone punctured the tire. This was before TPMS. By the time I felt a difference in the way the car drove the tire was in very poor condition. The small town shop could only patch it, and it lasted until I got to the next city where I could buy a replacement. TPMS may have saved the tire by signalling the pressure loss before I drove enough to ruin the tire.


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I've got two sets of wheels (OEM 20s with winter tires, and 22s with all-season tires). Both sets have TPMS sensors. The OEM sensors have a P/N of BBM2-37-140A. For the 22s, I used different sensors (P/N BBM2-37-140B). I called the dealer and spoke with a service rep, who confirmed that the "B" sensors are exactly the same as the OEM "A" sensors, they just come from a different supplier. The "B" sensors were much cheaper, I think I paid $50 or $60 USD for a set of 4.

When I swapped wheels in the summer, the TPMS light didn't even come on. To date, no issues at all.

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