Off Topic Toyota recalling almost 700,000 cars. Bad fuel pump.


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Meh. Lot of worse things out there that don't get recalls. Ford, I'm looking at your Duratec.
This a recall because it's safety related. Whatever your beef is w/ Duratec, there's likely a TSB for what ails you. If under warranty and your vehicle demonstrates the issue, then they'll likely repair it free of charge. If not you pay. Whatever your problem, it likely hasn't been deemed a safety hazard by anyone yet.
Driving in congested rush-hour freeway traffic at speed, for instance, and having the engine cut off w/o any warning whatsoever because of low/no fuel pressure is a pretty serious power steering (hyd), no power brakes (vac assist), no acceleration, no nuthin'.
For most drivers who have less than zero knowledge, or even care, about what makes the vehicle they are operating go down the road, it's a freak-out moment. Freak-out moments lead to crashes.

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