Tokico Illumina availability -- what gives?


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Haha i was actually looking that up after i posted that link. Seems fairly easy and a fun project to do.
From what i've found, you basically drill a hole on the bottom of the strut (centered), use a pipe cutter or something to cut the top part down pending on the length after measuring.. put the koni insert in, pull it to the bottom with the bolt in the bottom hole, then repeat with the washer, and it's pretty set from there right? I don't have a vice though so dealing with the hydraulic fluid will be fun..

yeah it does look pretty simple. there was a write up long ago with that done on an mx6 and it has similar struts to ours. the person had a hard time tracking down the inserts and had to grind down indentations in either the front or the rear struts to make the insert fit. all the pictures were hosted on photobucket tho and they're gone:

plenty of pics still available on other platforms and forums.
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