2017~2021 To anyone considering lowering springs

It's amazing that there are 2 completely different takes on springs settling and waiting for an alignment. Talked to one performance shop and they laughed when I asked about them Installing and then coming back for an alignment. They said you don't need to wait. He said quality springs don't settle to any noticable extent. Asked another shop and they said yaaaa sure drive it a few days and come back for an alignment let them settle. Wtf? I plan to have them installed and the car aligned same day. On my mustang I did the same thing and had no issues. But to be honest, I wonder what the real truth is

Benny Hill told me my z06 would settle half an inch or so in the few thousand miles after I took delivery, while I was at the plant. I figure he knew what he was about. The cx5 uses a different suspension of course, but its food for thought.


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I think a drive around the block would take care or any *settling*. I didn*t wait when I did my 3.

I think I'd agree. Drive around the block a few times and get it aligned. Never experienced any "settling" when I put Eibach Pro Kit springs on my Accord. No settling when I later upgraded to custom built coilovers with Swift springs. No settling with BC Racing coilovers (Swift springs) on my IS250 either.