Tire upgrade for 2012 Mazda3 S touring?

2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Machine Grey
Has any one stepped up to 215/50-17from 205/50-17?I am looking for a little more meat on the road. The slight increase in sidewall would also give me a little more cushion, not a bad thing, not concerned about speedo reading mph or so low...Just don’t want any clearance issues, thanks for any input!
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2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
My 3 had factory 215/45/18s and the Discount Tire sales guy recommended that I go to 225/45/18 for two reasons:
1. Wider tire with potentially better grip
2. Wider selection of tires within the 225/45/18 size.
Often tire salespeople have experience with up-sizing and can confidently say that there is no interference. I've done this type of thing a few times over the years (My current MX5 included) with different cars and never had a problem.
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