Tip for finding hard to locate dash buttons

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I hate having to look at my cluster panel to find the camera button. For some of you maybe it's the trunk release button. I'm probably not the first to think of this, but I think this is a neat little idea (hate the term "hack" unless you found a way to turn your hair dryer in to a flame thrower) to make finding some buttons easier without looking, such as the trunk release, camera button, infortainment 'favorite' button, etc.


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.. (hate the term "hack" unless you found a way to turn your hair dryer in to a flame thrower) ..

A bit off topic.. but the origins of a "hack" are quite interesting:

TLDR; model train track builders cut (hacked) off parts and pieces and then assembled them to do what they wanted. Today hacking is often digital / computer based .. but using something for a new and novel purpose (like these clear plastic buttons) is indeed hacking.

hey they even come in square:
https://smile. amazon.com/Adhesive-Bumper-106-PC-Spherical-Square/dp/B06XPCLN23/
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Nice idea.

Just yesterday I was thinking of how to make my garage door openers easier to use when it's dark.
The openers have 3 buttons (1 long and 2 short).

We have 2 separate doors for our garage and I have the buttons (on all openers) set up to activate one door with the long button and the other door with the short button on the opposite end of the remote. It's not easy to feel which end is the long button (especially with gloves on), so you usually have to take the opener out of cubby to see the buttons (depending on which car I'm in).

I don't think I have any of those bumpers, but I do have the felt ones, which I was thinking would do the trick.