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2007~2015 Timing Questions

My water pump went out in my 2011 Mazda CX9. To avoid spending $2200 on the repair I have decided to do the job myself.

I am using the guide listed here:

As well as several youtube videos. I made great progress yesterday but now I have come to my first issue and its a big one.

While I was removing the crankshaft pulley with a breaker bar and holding the camshaft with the cam tool the lower sprocket slipped on the chain at least 3-4 teeth before I realized what was happening.

So now I am left with an out of time situation and cant line up my timing marks.

How do I get the engine back in the correct timing? Do I set to TDC then remove the main chain then set the camshafts to their proper location and move on?
2010 CX-9 GT
There are colored links on the timing chain and there are dots on the sprockets that line up with those links.

I hope you used the special tools that lock the camshafts in place? If so, they should be fine, you will just have to move the crankshaft a little to get back to the correct position.

There are videos out there that show how to change the chain in a Ford Edge. Check this one, for instance:

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