tie into cameras for dash cams?

Has anyone tied into the front and rear cameras to use them as dash cams?
i have a 2 vid dvr with modular cams on my motorcycle i would also like to get one for the my cx5 if i can tie into the exsiting cameras..


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I don't think anyone has yet, but wouldn't tying into the rear cam be pretty useless? It doesn't give a very good view of the rear since it's aimed down, towards the bumper.
on my 2019, the camera seems to ok for it, i can see +/- 75yards... enough to catch a tailgaiter or crash...
guess i will just look into where they connect and figure out if its possible...
maybe look into upgrading them to as the picture could be better.


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The front camera is used for safety features of the vehicle. Be careful because insurance companies can deny paying out accident claims if they discover you've tampered with a safety feature at all.