Thinking about buying a 2014 Mazda3 with some 'issues' Your thoughts?

Hello! I am looking at a 2014 Mazda 3i Touring. Here is what I know are known 'issues' from the seller.

72k, clean title automatic,

Here is what I know are known 'issues' from the seller.

Minor washer fluid line leak.

Air fuel ratio sensor wiring harness sheathing damaged. We repaired/replaced the sheathing. Why would this even be damaged in the first place?

Timing cover gasket should be replaced

Drive Belt Tensioner Seeping

Drive Belt has wear

Vehicle slightly pulls to the left. seller rotated the tires and this seems to fixed the problem.

Seller is asking for $9,500

Thank you so much!

Listing info...

72000 Miles, clean title, automatic. asking $9,500

- In late 2014/ early 2015 the front passenger quarter panel was injured in a fender bender and was all professionally fixed by insurance. It was put back to new and you couldn’t even tell there had been an issue.

- We have had regular oil changes through its life, brakes redone a couple of years ago, all the air filters/etc. changed, changed the tires a couple of years back and the tires are all in good shape. It has relatively low milage, so hasn’t needed much else done.

- One of the ABS sensors to a wheel needed to be changed about 2 years ago, it caused a light to come on on the dashboard, but was a pretty easy fix with my mechanic.

- There is a chip in the windshield, some scuffs and dings around the car, so the paint is definitely not perfect but still overall good.

- I had the dealership add Apple CarPlay and upgrade the USB chargers about 1 year ago for better synching and charging of my phone.

- It has always passed smog checks, we just got an updated one and can give the buyer the certificate

- We had an inspection done with a Mazda dealership recently and overall it is in good mechanical shape. Here are a few things they noticed-

-Cabin air filter dirty. We replaced it.

-Engine air filter dirty. We replaced.

-Minor washer fluid line leak. This is in the tube that goes from the tank to the window, we have never noticed it losing fluid and still works perfectly.

- Air fuel ratio sensor wiring harness sheathing damaged. We repaired/replaced the sheathing.

- Timing cover gasket should be replaced. I have never seen any leaking.

- Drive belt tensioner seeping.

- Drive belt has wear.

- Vehicle slightly pulls to the left. We rotated the tires and this seems to have fixed this.

- Small chip in windshield.

- No DTCs. (No error codes).
I'd be more concerned with how the previous owner maintained the SkyActiv motor and tranny. At 72k miles, none of these nonsense occurrences should have happened. Sure, the motor maybe fine but with it being an auto how has the tranny been treated? I always use my E brake. Using P as a means to keep the car in place is bad for the pin within the tranny. Mazda's latest SkyActiv techonoligies have been extremely reliable thus far for me. I had a 2014 3 hatch with the 2.0, but with Manual, I now have a 2020 with the 2.5 with auto, but boy is it night and day with the driving experience. I've seen SkyActivs in the 200k mark with little to no problems.
Thank you for the feedback Marukai,

Questions: Is there a way I can inspect the tranny on my own without taking it to a shop? The paperwork the owner has from the dealership didn't mention anything wrong with it.

Are you suggesting that the auto is better than the manual in terms of driving experience?

Thank you again.
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Is there any reason why you are not looking at other Mazda 3s?

My 3 has low miles on it (about 30K) and has none of the issues you mentioned. Ideally, you should see, in person any seepage issues. Gaskets should not seep at 72000 miles. Our Lexus valve cover gaskets had to be replaced at about 125,000 miles. My 2008 MX5 with 60,000+ miles on it has never had weeping gaskets.
To your point it doesn't seem normal to have that type of wear on a car with so little mileage so I wanted to learn if this is something normal (for example I currently own a 2003 protege5 that is known to have rust issues).

Are there common mazda3 hatchback issues that I should be aware of?
I would have it inspected at a shop. I usually own manual cars, but for 2019 and beyond it looks as though mazda will only offer manual in the highest level premium trim 3 hatchbacks. The auto is nice, but I miss the direct feeling of changing gears myself.
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As others have mentioned it all depends on how well cared for the vehicle was for those 72k miles. Take this with a grain of salt but that certainly does sound like quite a few issues for that sort of mileage.

In the past month I picked up a used 2014 Mazda3i sport sedan MT, with over 180k miles for just a smidge over $5k. The prior owner did very regular basic maintenance. Fluid changes, tire rotations/replacements as needed, brake pads, air filters, and maintenance inspections.

Beyond that it's just been a battery replacement and windshield replacement due to a kicked up rock on the highway. Vehicle drives straight. Being as old as it is it's definitely got a reasonable amount of scuffs and dings but that's par for the course.

I'd certainly get a pre-purchase inspection done given the issues you've described. At least the seller disclosed this info!
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
Being as old as it is it's definitely got a reasonable amount of scuffs and dings but that's par for the course.

So you think a 2014 is old? :D
These issues might be minor but will cost money if you cannot fix or deal with them yourself. Seller is asking 9500, you should check to see what car is worth on KBB for fair or good condition before moving forward. Maybe he priced it appropriately, maybe he didn't, and yeah, look at others.

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