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The definitive bulb size guide.


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I searched around and couldn't find a post with all the bulb sizes, so I thought I'd try to make one. I'm not going by persional expearience on these so if anyone has any corrections just let me know. I've found multiple #'s on some so if anyone knows for sure that one will work and the other won't let me know also.

Protege 5
Low Beams - H7
High Beams - 9005
Fog Lights - H3
Corners - 194, 168
Sidemarker - 194, 168
Front Signal/Parking - 1157NA
Dome - 3022, DE3175
Rear Signal - 7440, 210Y
Map Lights - 194, 168
Trunk - 194,168
Tail/Stop - 7443
Plate - 3652


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can a mod sticky this thread? And perhaps an MP3/Mazdaspeed owner can add the differences for their cars so KYREDP5 can update his post.


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i been doing hundreds of seperate searches looking for the sizes.. good job after this week... i'll be posting the p5 with all new attitude you'll see!!


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Re: The Definitive bulb size guide

You could also check out the Osram-Sylvania website.


This enables you to find the bulb's used in most Mazda's by year and model.

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umm sorry i don't mean to flame but arn't these bulb sizes all in the owners manual? they are in mine, just near the oil types i thinks....


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u dont think they'd list them so the owner would bring the car into the MAZDA dealer to have their bulbs changed


2002 Mazda Protege DX; 2013 Mazda3 iTouring SkyActiv
Reply to pdhaudio

I believe the bulb sizes for the MP3 are the same as those for the sedan.

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I was looking for sedan bulb sizes, but I found this in another thread:

t3ase said:
Bulb Sizes for the MSP

Headlight Assembly

  • <div style="margin-top: -50px; margin-bottom: -40px;">
  • Turn Signal: 1157
  • Main Headlight: H4 (NOTE: Also known as 9003)
  • Parking Light: 1157 (Found out tonight that this is not correct. Anyone know the real bulb #?)</div>

Taillight Assembly

  • <div style="margin-top: -50px; margin-bottom: -40px;">
  • Rear Turn Signal: 1156
  • Main Taillight: 7443
  • Stoplight: 7443
  • Reverse Light: 7440</div>

Other Exterior

  • <div style="margin-top: -50px; margin-bottom: -40px;">
  • Foglights: H3
  • Sidemarker: W5W (NOTE: Have seen 194 listed, unknown if correct. W5W is known to work.)
  • License Plate: 3652</div>


  • <div style="margin-top: -50px;">
  • Rear Deck Stop Light: 1156
  • Dome Light: 3022
  • Map Lights: 168
  • Gauge Cluster (Speed & Tach): 194
  • Gauge Cluster ("Idiot Lights"): 74 (NOTE: Uncertain, may also be 76; please verify before replacing.)
  • Trunk Light: 168
  • Courtesy Light: 168</div>

For more bulb size information, please visit Sylvania's Lamp Replacement Guide. The 2003 MSP is not listed, but they do have the 2002 Mazda Protege. If in doubt, take the bulb with you whenever you go to get the new ones and compare the two. Pay attention to wattage also, as a higher wattage bulb may burn the light housing or cause severe electrical damage, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?

Also, be aware of the so called "HID-look" bulbs. There have been many discussions about the effectiveness of these bulbs. The best place to read up about them before you dive in may be at Daniel Stern Lighting. His site is full of useful information regarding automotive aftermarket bulbs. Spend some time reading before buying, as lights are a *very* important part of your car; especially for the night drivers out there..

You may also want to read a post by our own AndrewSilverP5, titled "The final word on Halogen bulbs", as he has some very useful information there, as well.

When done right, modifying the car's lighting can yeild excellent results that will get you and your car attention, along with some added safety. However, when done quickly and when you're uninformed about what you're switching out, the outcome may be dangerous not only to your car, but to yourself and others on the road. Basically, just use your head.

No, really. :D
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a lot of the things in the list are incorrect
the P5 and sedans uses 1157NA for the front turn signal/parking light combo
194 and 168 for sidemarkers/map lights are sorry ass dim pieces of shits... use the correct European type "W5W" ones... they are listed as 2825 here in the US... if you want yellow tinted bulbs, then its WY5W (2827)
as for the tail light/brake light, use the European type W21/5W (7515)
for the rear turn signal, use the European type PY21W (7507)
the reverse light should use European type W21W (7505)
the license plate lights uses the European type W5W (2825)
the sedan's tail light also uses 2 additional bulbs, they are also W5W (2825)

using these CORRECT bulbs will allow for consistent brightness and visibility at night... using the wrong ones "that just fit" will make it look like a ghetto 20 year old car that has busted lights
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both lists have a lot of things wrong with them

anyhow, to get the right bulbs, you will have a hard time finding them at an auto parts store... the ONLY "chain" business that consistently can sell you those is the Mazda dealership... if you don't want to do that, then you will either have to find a light bulb supply store in your area or order them from candle power
btw.. a 194 bulb is a 3.8w, the 168 bulb is 3w, and a W5W is a 5w

just to give you an idea how shitty the 194 and 168 is