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The CX-5 will not offer many options to choose from...

Its a Canadian paper but this sounds like it probably applies to the US...

From The Chronicle Herald -

"The CX-5 will come in GX, GS and GT trim levels. Heated mirrors, power windows and locks, tilt/telescope wheel, USB input, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and push button start will be standard across the line.

There will be a very short option list, including a Tom-Tom GPS and nine-speaker Bose audio system. There will only be nine order codes to ensure dealers have the maximum choice on the lot.



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typically there is a slight difference in packages between the countries. Still, i'm ok with not a lot of options.


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That looks normal for a vehicle which is brand new. I give it about a year until we see a wide range of options become available. We are waiting to get our hands on one to see what we can do to make it better.

Where exactly are they posted, because there isn't much info posted on their site by the looks of it. You can't build your own yet.
Being a first year vehicle, I wasn't expecting lots of options. Having only the one engine available is a bit more of a disappointment, and it's been priced higher than I expected too.
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Hi All,

Thought I might (as my first post), upload the details of the Australian models as per Mazda brochures. In Australia, the diesel will probably be the most popular model with expectation that it will account for 60% of sales (it's more powerful, more torque and better fuel efficiency).

There are a couple of things that make the Australian cars different to US bound cars. We share many similarities with Japan that make it a little easier.

1. Our fuel standards are higher than US, but lower than Japan (typical fuel used here is 95 or 98 octane, in Japan it's 100). Diesel is at future Euro standards.
2. Metric system - so only km/h on tacho, only kW for power and nm for torque show in brochure
3. We drive on left like Japan

Three models expected with naming similar to US/Canada. In Japan the models will be 20C/20S (for petrol) and XD/XDL (for diesel).

There were posts about the i-Drive system, similar to pictures shown in UK. I can confirm that the Japanese brochure (also have that because I was in Japan only a few weeks ago and intentionally picked one up), shows that none of the Japanese spec cars have this system. The Australian versions don't either.


Japan offers 6 colours - 1 x Blue, 1 x Red
US offers 7 colours - Additional Blue + Japanese colours
Australia offers 8 colours - Additional Red + US colours

The Grand Touring model includes all options (to save having to add things).
As per brochure, an additional Tech Pack adds the BSM/RVM, HBC and LDW (hate 3 letter acronyms - but there you go).

Engines + Models available in Australia:

2.0L Petrol FWD (Skyactiv-G)
2.0L Petrol AWD (Skyactiv-G)

Maxx Sport
2.0L Petrol FWD (Skyactiv-G)
2.0L Petrol AWD (Skyactiv-G)
2.2L Diesel AWD (Skyactiv-D)

Grand Touring
2.0L Petrol AWD (Skyactiv-G)
2.2L Diesel AWD (Skyactiv-D)

Engines + Models available in Japan:

2.0L Petrol FWD (Skyactiv-G)

2.0L Petrol FWD (Skyactiv-G)
2.0L Petrol AWD (Skyactiv-G)

2.2L Diesel 2WD (Skyactiv-D)
2.2L Diesel AWD (Skyactiv-D)

2.2L Diesel 2WD (Skyactiv-D)
2.2L Diesel AWD (Skyactiv-D)

See attached brochures

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I'm disappointed that they link the 1TE package to the 1MC. You can't get the Technology package without the sunroof and Bose package in the Touring model. You can get it with the Grand Touring of course because the Sunroof and Bose sound is included in that but then you get those huge 19 inch wheels which I don't want .
Bottom line it costs twice as much for the Technology package as it should.