Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

Mazda CX-5 GTR 2019
Interesting. My test drive really impressed me as the driving dynamics were much better than I had hoped for. It is actually kinda fun to drive! Coming from an Acura TSX wagon the CX-5 GTR is quieter, faster and more comfortable. The TSX did corner a bit better and I slightly prefer its seating but maybe I just need more time in the Mazda as it is only 2 weeks old. Only minor gripes so far: climate controls a tad low and buttons small, not as many storage spots in front an really poor storage under the rear. But, it does have an actual spare tire and not the fix-a-flat the Acura had. So far, really impressed with the Mazda and especially when I see their sold reliability rating, and how far Acura has dropped.

2016 CX-5 w/ Tech/Activsense

There is a long thread here about a similar issue with the CX-5 so I am not sure that matters. https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/sho...-Low-Speed-Transmission-Hesitation-Jerk-Lurch

Anyway, I am tempted by the Rav4 hybrid also, although I haven't driven one yet. Last time I was inside a Rav4 a few years ago, the interior quality was pretty chintzy so if that remains, that would probably be a deal breaker. Turbo on the CX-5 Sig/Res makes no sense for my traffic-y area, so the gas mileage and more HP of the Rav4 hybrid over the 2.5 CX-5 is a draw.
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OP has to be OK with the Rav4's boring looks and cheap interior fittings.

It does look okay in dark colors which hides all the cheap black plastic Toyota uses.

The base Rav4 is a paragon of cost cutting. Toyota really likes to hold out until you pay for more expensive trim levels.



Mid level hybrid:


Finally, once you pay 34,000 or more, you get a decent looking one:


I hope Mazda will continue to provide value at base to mid level trims and not go down the path of cheapening with the Toyota-Mazda partnership, or it will be my last Mazda.
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That is an incredibly frustrating aspect of Toyotas trim levels. I had to spring for a Premium XLE to get SofTex interior. I was pretty miffed that the XLE trim didnt offer a non-cloth option standard but thats Toyota for you.
2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport FWD Auto

That issue should be resolved. The logic was wonky at low speeds. Reprogram and relearn supposedly fixed that issue. Wasnt a hybrid issue either, that was for the gas version like mine.

The hybrid on the other hand is reportedly having issues filling up further than 3/4 of a tank for some people. No fix for that yet.


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He registered months before this post, has made dozens of other posts. He likely came here to learn about the vehicle for purchase consideration and has now decided against it and given us a reason why. I really dont see the problem.

Agreed. I see nothing wrong with mreg376 posting their opinion after a test drive.

With that said, mreg376, you have no obligation to reply to any further posts on the matter, but I would like to ask a couple of questions.

First regarding your comment about the 2019 CX-5 Signature you tested being "tinny", what exactly did you mean? When I close the door on my CX-9, it sounds far more substantial than when I close the door on my 13-year old base model Civic. Is that they kind of thing you're talking about?

Second, regarding the "barely acceptable power", could you go into more detail? When did you feel that the power was lacking? This is a little hard to believe when the CX-5 has been tested against the RAV4 Hybrid in a 0-60, and the CX-5 gets there a full second faster than the RAV4. Of course, some CX-5 owners have reported a loss of power in cold weather, so that may also be a factor. How cold was it during your test drive?

I agree with your comment on taking reviews with a grain of salt - it's kind of a given these days. IMO, online forums for specific models are one of the best resources to get feedback, as most modern buyers (ie. those who research and shop online) will register and post on these forums if/when something goes wrong. A great example is the power loss in cold weather issue - no other reviewer besides SavageGeese has even mentioned it, but there are a few members here who have reported it and swear it to be true. Forum posters generally have nothing to gain and nothing to lose by reporting issues.

If you do happen to take the CX-5 out for another test drive, maybe ask for a different Signature, or test drive the Reserve. This would help in figuring out whether the CX-5 Signature is actually tinny to you, or if the one you test drove the first time was a "lemon".
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I think it's a quality post. Different strokes. At least he was smart enough to get out of that Jeep. :D

Mango sold crv and bought a Cherokee

Did he really? Hahaha Fantastic!
He registered months before this post, has made dozens of other posts. He likely came here to learn about the vehicle for purchase consideration and has now decided against it and given us a reason why. I really dont see the problem.

Thanks. I do appreciate the fact that there are some intelligent and mature people on this forum. I'm on many forums, so I'm used to the reactions of the children and the cheerleaders.
Consider the gas RAV4 if your drive is mostly highway or rural. I was able to save about $5k off the sticker price on my 19 RAV4 XLE Premium AWD. Many people say the hybrid is only like $2k more than the gas version but you wont be able to negotiate thousands below sticker on the hybrid. As the engine is always running though it is definitely louder than the CX-5. Averaging 32-33 mpg driving it daily so the gas mileage vs premium of a hybrid worked in the gas versions favor. Slightly less HP but the AWD of the gas version is superior IMO vs the hybrid. If AWD and price arent a concern tho hybrid ftw. Or save even more and get just 2WD :D

The RAV4 is a better family car for us. Had the car been for myself though I wouldve gone with the CX-5 with the turbo.

Interesting. Actually the Rav4 Hybrid is only $800 more than the same Rav4 trim AWD versions. But you're right, the Rav4's mechanical AWD is superior to the hybrid AWD in some situations.
Well, one of your complaints was about your backseat passenger and how cramped you felt. To me, that goes hand in hand with interior volume. It's a known fact with the CX-5 and some like it that way.

Is the steering wheel on the Rav4 360 degree heated? I ask, because my Lexus, which is also Toyota, doesn't heat the top or bottom. People complained on the forum about it, but I can only think of one person that was really upset about it. They ended up buying an Acura RLX. (scratch)

Also, your "not particularly quiet" comment does surprise me. That was one of the things that really stood out to us during our test drive, It was only after that we discovered the dual pane glass, which I have since learned is standard on all CX-5's. Maybe the tires on your test drive vehicle were over inflated, or a window was open slightly.

You're doing it right, though. Buy what makes you happy. One size does not fit all, which is why there are so many choices. Just realize some will get upset with negative comments on their vehicle of choice. It's like saying my girlfriend is prettier than yours. :)

I was most surprised about the noise, which was primarily tire noise, not wind. I was driving the car in Northeast Pennsylvania on I-81, and the roadway was somewhat grooved, maybe intentionally or not. But it was noisy. It's certainly possible that the tires were improperly inflated -- dealers are notorious for that. I'm going to do another test drive, because I REALLY wanted to love the CX-5. The Rav4 seemed to have less tire noise but some more wind noise.
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I think it's a quality post. Different strokes. At least he was smart enough to get out of that Jeep. :D

Yeah, there is actually a lot I like about the Jeep. But I can't shake the fact that I don't trust the longevity of FCA vehicles, Jeep dealers can't diagnose anything more complicated than a hole in a muffler, and that 9-speed ZF transmission, which has never given me any "trouble" per se, is incredibly annoying on a daily basis.
I also like the Rav4 hybrid. But be sure you're Okay with the height of the non-adjustable passenger seat and how difficult it is for passengers to get into this seat without banging their heads. This has been mentioned in numerous reviews. I'm tall and have a stiff neck. I found it almost impossible to get into the passenger seat without contortions. This was a fatal flaw for me.

- Mark

I was not aware of that. Thanks.
That is an incredibly frustrating aspect of Toyota*s trim levels. I had to spring for a *Premium* XLE to get SofTex interior. I was pretty miffed that the XLE trim didn*t offer a non-cloth option standard but that*s Toyota for you.

That's true. But the upper trim levels of the Rav4 have plenty of soft-touch materials and do have a much more premium feel than prior Rav4's. Hey, I haven't looked a vehicle in this $25,000-$40,000 class that doesn't have significant compromises, the Rav4 and CX-5 included. It's just which compromises you are willing and able to live with every day.
I think you need to not worry so much about the tires on that specific road. All tires will find a road they hate. Also, the OEM tires are trash and need replacing anyways.

The power is just fine unless it drops below 20*F. I've beat CIVIC SI's, Raptor SVT 6.2, and stopped multiple fly-by attempts from a 05-09 Mustang GT on the freeway. Power is fine. It is just deceptive because of how linear it is.
I found it to be cramped, not particularly quiet, and only barely acceptable power.
But realizing that the comparison might be unfair because I was coming from a heavier, V6 Cherokee, I wanted to test another vehicle.
I took the Rav4 Hybrid for a spin. It was big, roomy, bright, felt more solid than the CX-5, had ample power, and the road/wind noise that reviewers seem to be complaining about was indistinguishable from the CX-5, which the reviewers said was quiet.
But the Rav4 Hybrid has replaced it, and did I mention that that it averages 40 mph?

Your personal perceptions do not line up with reality.
The CX-5 is significantly quicker AND quieter than your current vehicle and beloved Rav4 Hybrid.

0-60 MPH Acceleration:
CX-5 - 6.2
V6 Cherokee - 7.2
Rav4 - 7.4

70-0 MPH Braking (ft):
CX-5 - 173
V6 Cherokee - 184
Rav4 - 182

75 MPH Real World MPG:
CX-5 - 30
V6 Cherokee - 25
Rav4 - 37

Sound Volume @ 70 MPH (db):
CX-5 - 67
V6 Cherokee - 70
Rav4 - 72