Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature Machine Grey
Ok,just confirmed with Zurich.Entire adaptive headlight assembly is covered,if led lamp fails entire unit would be replaced,happy,happy...
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Actually I never saw the point of folding the mirrors, either automatically or manually, and I live in tight-spaced NYC. When the mirrors are in their normal position other cars and bikes have to steer clear of them, which actually protects the sides of your vehicle. If the mirrors are folded, that allows other vehicles and bikes to edge CLOSER to your vehicle. I'd rather have the mirror hit than the fenders and doors, and I've never had more than minor scratches on the mirrors, which fold forward when they're hit, alleviating the force.

yeah but that one instance where a truck happens to go by thinking it cleared your unfolded mirrors and rips it away, is when you realize, i should've folded the mirrors.

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No, I mean manually as in physically pushing the mirror in. The reason I ask is because I did do it once and it folded easily...but not sure I was suppose to.

The bottom of Page 3-32 in the manual says it's OK.
The bottom of Page 3-32 in the manual says it's OK.

great!!..no need to use the power then at all. I live in rural area and never park on city streets. If I do need to occasionally fold them in, it would most likely be driver's side and I can manually do it if motor ever failed.
But weren't some worried about mirrors being stuck folded in? Just push it back out..right?

Edit: just saw this in the manual:
"Use the outside mirror switch to set the
mirror to the on-road position:
Setting the power folding outside mirror to
the on-road position by hand is dangerous.
The mirror will not lock in position and will
prevent effective rearview visibility."

So manually pushing mirror back out does not lock it in place whereas using the motor would? That seems odd..I did it manually and remember it snapping into position.
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