Techniques to reduce wear on driver's seat when getting out?

On a couple of previous SUV’s and trucks that are higher off the ground I’ve had wear on the left bolster of the drivers seat. After thinking about it I thought it was due to my wallet in my back pocket but now I think it might have been the way I get out of the car. Since I’ve had my CX5 I’ve made it a point to use the grab handle over the door or support my weight with my left hand on the door sill as I get out. Anyone have a better technique?
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Mine is showing signs of wear due to daily use...seems inevitable, leather has its limits as well.
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It's and easy thing to do, but hard to want to do it.
remove wallet from left rear pocket
make a conscious effort, every time, to lift butt, not slide. Few have the self control or will to do this over a lifetime
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I tend to hit the bottom plastic with my shoes when I get out, making cuff marks. I consciously try to lift my feet over them when I exit.


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What's helped for me is applying 303 Aerospace Protectant to the leather. I do it primarily to protect the interior, but it also happens to make the leather more "slippery", so when I turn in my seat to get out of the car, I'm not "pulling" on the leather. It also makes it easier to slide into/out of the seat.

I turn in my seat, then use one hand on the steering wheel to pull myself out of the seat, with the other hand on the door handle/armrest for balance. Kind of sucks to have to do that, but if you want to keep it looking good it seems to work for me. Seat covers will also help a bit - my wife doesn't care as much as I do, so I put a seat cover down on her side and it seems to be working just fine. I have the napa leather.


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In previous leather cars, I'd just use solutions that repair/protect leather every year. Helps it to manage the wear and tear a bit better, since there's really no avoiding sliding and pushing on the outside edge when getting in and out of the car.
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Mazda has an original product for protection and leather care

Of all the official USA Mazda accessories I have yet to see any leather cleaning products

but then I see the UK has:


The owner's manual says:

Remove dust and sand first using a vacuum cleaner or other means, then wipe dirt off using a soft cloth with a leather cleaner or a soft cloth soaked in mild soap.

Wipe off the remaining cleaner or soap using a cloth soaked in clean water and wrung out well.

Remove moisture with a dry, soft cloth and allow the leather to further dry in a well-ventilated, shaded area. If the leather gets wet such as from rain, also remove moisture and dry it as soon as possible.

• Because genuine leather is a natural material, its surface is not uniform and it may have natural scars, scratches, and wrinkles.
• To maintain the quality for as long as possible, periodical maintenance, about twice a year, is recommended.

• Sand and dust on the seat surface may damage the overcoat of the genuine leather surfaces and accelerate wear.
• Greasy soiling on genuine leather may cause molding and stains.
• Rubbing hard with a stiff brush or cloth may cause damage.
• Do not wipe the leather using alcohol, chlorine bleach, or organic solvents such as thinner, benzene, or gasoline. Otherwise, it may cause discoloration or stains.
• If the seats get wet, promptly remove moisture with a dry cloth. Remaining moisture on the surface may cause deterioration such as hardening and shrinkage.
• Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods may cause deterioration and shrinkage.
When parking the car under direct sunlight for long periods, shade the interior using sunshades.

• Do not leave vinyl products on the seats for long periods as they may affect the leather quality and coloring. If the cabin temperature becomes hot, the vinyl may deteriorate and adhere to the genuine leather.


oddly no mention of a Mazda product - a perfect time to sell / promote a Mazda branded product.

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