Swapped Stereo Head Unit- now no clock control or Info

3x Mazdas
I have an '06 3 Grand Touring sedan with the Bose stereo and CD changer. About a year ago I put a CD in (I rarely played them) and that's when I discovered the changer was messing up. I think it had one or two disks in the changer. I added another and it would not play. I could go back to one of the other two and they will. I added yet another disk - it wouldn't play either - just the 1st two. I can't get anything to eject - luckily the 4 disks in the changer are some I made myself and not originals. Recently I decided I wanted to do something about it. I bought a new old stock unit but the only difference was it should play MP3 CDs - my old one wouldn't. This was all I could find that wasn't used. I didn't think there would be any difference but there is. The normal center volume control does nothing, I think. The lower left know will control the volume, the lower right one will change the radio station, etc. I think pushing in the right one lets me cycle through changing the bass, treble, etc. I can live with all that. I haven't tried playing a CD. The biggest issue is that I haven't found any button that will let me set the clock. Pressing the clock button (and holding) doesn't do a thing. The INFO button does nothing either. I had a little card gizmo that plugged into the old unit that gave me an AUX input that was selected by pressing the MEDIA button. It's plugged into the spot a tape player would have been. I have to hit the CD button to get to it - that's where I have my XM playing through - at the time I bought the car I had XM and the car could have had Sirius that I didn't want. Does anyone know of some work around to get the INFO to work and being able to set the clock? I would very much appreciate any help. I may look for a repair shop online to have the old unit fixed if I can't work around these issues. Thanks!
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