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Suspension Recommendations

Since I don't want to hijack an existing thread, starting fresh.

My GF has a slightly neglected '03 P5 and it's due for a complete suspension re-up. The idea is not to rice it, stance it or otherwise screw it up. The ultimate goal is to make a canyon carver out of it, something that wold keep up with Miatas in the twisties.

And of course, within a reasonable budget.

I have had experience with set ups from Racing Beat, Flyin' Miata, 949 Racing, Koni, Eibach, V-Max, etc. Some in my cars and others in friends' cars.

We're planning on going coil-overs to have a choice of height settings.

So, what is the preferred coil over brand/model recommended by you guys?
2001 Mazda SP20 323

I'll put my vote in for BC Gold coilovers simply because they were so easy to install, though I can't comment on ride quality (yet)

I reckon a set of new KYB/ oem style struts, some slightly lower springs and new bushes all round would be enough to get a great handling car without the hassle of coilovers. Throw a bigger rear sway bar at it and it's even better!
Pretty much all pre-assembled coil overs have the same R&R level of difficulty. We're more interested in handling so a somewhat stiffer FRONT sway is part of the equation.
Careful with bigger sway bars in rear, they tend to make the rear end "happy" -and not in a good way.

I will look into your suggestion, thanks!! :)

How are things down in Aotearoa these days?
2001 Mazda SP20 323
No worries :D

There is a larger front swaybar available from Racing Beat, and the MSP version, most people don't run them as they cause more understeer than anything else. (and they're an absolute mongrel to install)

I love my AWR rear bar, just enough extra stiffness to sharpen the car up, but not too much that it snap-oversteers :)

NZ is going good, we're just about finished with a COVID 19 lockdown so it's going to get busy soon!
WOW... and here I thought replacing a front sway bar in an ND Miata was a PITA.... I suppose that I could do what Stirling Moss did during one race where they needed a stiffer sway bar and didn't have one; he welded a steel pipe alongside the original.... :)