Suspension Question

2003 Mazda Protege5
So i have two questions:

First one is, im looking into lowering/upgrading my suspension. Would a spring/strut combo work or would getting coilovers be a better buy? Im looking for performance as I AutoX sometimes, but also want comfort for daily driving (as ND roads suck).

I have an Eibach Pro-Kit already, but it is uninstalled. Also I believe I am still on OEM struts, so im unsure if those springs would be good for those struts.

So the question is, would coilovers or springs/struts be the best option for my goals?

Second question feeds on the first, which is, if strut/spring is the way to go, then are Stagg ones good/able to mount a bigger sway bar too? I know the OEM P5 struts do not have the reinforced tab for rear sway bars like the MSP/MP3/ES sedan have. If not Stagg, then my guess would be Tokico Blues?

Thanks in advance you guys.
06 Mazda 3 Hatchback GT
I thought I read that the Stagg struts have weak mounting points for the end links....

I was doing research because I was thinking about getting a set and lowering my car as well.