Suprised my wife with a new car! Spoiler: it's not a Mazda...

2010 Mazda5 Touring
Surprised the wife Wednesday! After I'd gotten their luggage in and put her new 2014 Sportage EX in the driveway, I asked her to check the mail. I knew she was tired because she'd just returned from visiting family in the Philippines with our two small children, but I was surprised when she put on her shoes at went outside. She said when she first saw it, she wondered whose car it was, and then she saw the bow. Moving very slowly and with a country mile wide smile, she still went to get the mail. She still hasn't driven it. Says she's nervous because its new. That's fine with me. I've driven it a few times and I know once she takes it for a spin, she's going to love this vehicle. It replaces her 1999 Honda Accord with 197000 miles and I'm done putting money and time in it. I'd just completed both wheel bearings two days before I traded it in. Besides, I had to keep her out of my 5.


Hona Civic
Congratulations! Me and my wife are also planning to buy a Mazda 3. 2nd hand though - got a cheap deal from my uncle and it already has a cool front lip installed.