Suggestions for selling rims/tires?

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I'm replacing my Mazda3 (lease is up) this week or next with a CX-5. I have a set of 16" rims with snow tires that I've had for 3 or 4 winters that I'll be looking to get rid of. Any suggestions on the easiest / most hassle free way to sell them?
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I sold my MX6 GT's OEM wheels and tires via Craigslist. It was a very easy transaction. My son sold his Honda Civic wheels and tires the same say, although we helped out the woman buyer by mounting them on her Civic.
Another site to consider for selling things is called "OfferUp". I'm using both sites to sell dumbbells at the moment. All transactions so far have gone down, flawlessly.


@carajo You can use our Marketplace for free. :)

Simply follow the rules.


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Definitely list them on our Marketplace.

I've listed and sold stuff quite often on Kijiji (Canadian version of Craigslist). Take a bunch of pictures, be as descriptive and detailed as possible, and list them with the expectation that people will offer lower than what you're asking.

With wheels and tires, the important info I'd list is:

Brand/model of the rim
Brand/model of the tire
Size of the rim (diameter, width, PCD, hub/center bore size, and wheel offset)
Size of the tire (section width/aspect ratio/wheel diameter)
Load rating of the wheel
Load and speed rating of the tire
Length of time on vehicle, amount of treadwear left on tires (preferably measured with a tire gauge)
Age of tires
Condition of rims/tires (scratches/curb marks/cracks/bends on rims, patches/repairs on tires)

Most of this info is found right on the rim or tire. On the rim, it is usually listed on the back of one of the wheel spokes or on a sticker on the inner barrel. On the tire, all the info should be listed on the sidewall.

You'd also want to state whether or not the wheels are OEM or aftermarket - OEM wheels usually use a different type of lugnut.

Its a lot of work and information, but IME, you're more likely to get your asking price. It also cuts down on the "time-wasting" messages from people who want to know things that should already be listed in the ad.

Finally, when meeting up to sell your items, exercise proper social distancing measures, and utilize e-transfers if possible (sanitize the money and your hands afterwards if not). Whenever possible, meet in a public place, like a gas station during the daytime. Gas stations usually have security cameras that can deter would-be thieves/scammers.

I've sold wheels/tires, car parts, aquarium equipment, and most recently, exercise equipment like benches, barbells and adjustable dumbbells on Kijiji, and each sale went off without a hitch. Good luck with the sale!
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
Great info, sm1ke. I am currently selling dumbbells on Craigslist and OfferUp and the three sales so far have gone down, perfectly. The good thing about selling 15Kg dumbbells is that anyone who tries to run with a pair will not be very fast. :) I have also purchased quite a few items on this and other auto forum websites with no problems. Most were light weight products, so shipping costs were low.
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I recently bought a Mazda rim with tire from Craigslist and I was distressed to see so many ads with almost no information on what they could fit.
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Many sellers do not spend the time to investigate but doing so would increase chances that the wheels/tires would sell quickly.
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You can check with local police stations, some allow transactions in their lots. That is serious deterrence.

Keep in mind when pricing, there may be some that figure they'll only get a couple more yrs out of them and will affect what they will pay. Even with tread, I myself don't like pushing past 5 yrs on winters.