Stuck Clutch After Engine Change

I changed the engine in my 06-3. Everything is in, the wires too, the axles. My current problem is that the clutch release fork is engaged, as if the clutch pedal was floored. The pedal does go to the floor just tapping on it, and has to be be returned by hand. Fluid is full. I'm gonna try to lever it back into position. It will suck if I end up having to remove the transmission again after all the work... Crossing my fingers that someone will offer advise and this is something that I'll be able to solve with the engine and tranny in place.
Slave cylinder is bad, but it is bad because the clutch release collar seems to be off. I took the rubber "gasket" that the release fork goes through, and it looks like there's a tiny bit of space to meddle with a flathead screwdriver or something similar, to try to move it into position. We'l see.
Thank you for the encouragement, Concept. I will keep on. I'll try to turn both wheels today, while having the transmission on first gear. I want to confirm that the transmission actually gets movement from the flywheel. It should, but I just feel that I need to confirm before I take the whole thing down again.

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