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strut issues

Hello, Im having a clunking sound coming from my right rear suspension and Im almost 99.9% sure that it is the strut mount that is to blame. I have a few questions because the car is so rusted. 1. How exactly can I check to see if it is strut mount that is at fault. 2. If I remove the strut assembly, Im worried about the bolts being destroyed and the bolt on the control arm. Are those special bolts or can I just go to a hardware store or auto shop and buy them. Sorry for the noob questions!

The strut moves at the top when I move the tire by and and I had my friend in the back of the car while driving and he said that the clunking was coming from the top.
I drive a 2003 Protege5,

thanks for any help!!!
IF the strut is moving at the top when you move the tire, I probably would avoid driving it much. That doesn't sound safe...

IF it's that rusty, the body where the strut attaches may be soft. or it may be the strut itself.

Mine did it for years, but I didn't have any movement. Also check the sway bar mounts, those are notorious for popping and clunking over bumps


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
My rear strut mount completely rusted out and the top of the strut broke free.

Luckily, I was only 10 miles from home and managed drive it home without too much trouble except for a lot of banging and clunking.

It's not a catastrophic failure that disables the car and will allow for an emergency trip.

The body where the strut mounts was in really good condition.
I don't get it actually. I would have thought it would be all rusted out too.

The rusty bolts all came off except the little bolt that holds the speed sensor wire.
I had to drill in a new bolt.


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