Straight 6 skyactiv-x engine in development

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I was 22 when I bought my CX-5. Perfect mix of feeling sporty to drive, easy access in and out for me and my long legs, practicality with cargo space when I need it and AWD, and good looks and style.

As a one car house, ticks all my boxes for what I want out of a car I drive everyday, on road trips, bad weather, etc.
I'm in my 40s, but same deal. When I drive my Acura sedan that this replaced, it now feels bizarre to be so low, seating is less comfortable, can't haul things around, and have to strategize on how to get up the driveway after snowfall. I don't think there's any turning back for me.
2017 CX-5
Well Ive always preferred a hatch/wagon over a sedan. Which the vast majority of these new SUVs are with a few odd exceptions like that Accord cross thing and X6.

I do have to imagine this 6 is going into something more like an Explorer and RWD based.
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Imo this inline 6 is just a by product of saving cost on new engine development, similar to what BMW has done with their latest B48/B58 engine family. Mazda will need a more powerful engine for the bigger vehicles in the future, it probably is cheaper to continue the skyactiv x design and expand it to a 6 cylinder than switch to bigger cylinders I4 or v6.
As for packaging Mazda vehicles are always on the smaller size interior wise so I'd assume they are OK to sacrifice a bit of room, and Mazda already got all the exp on RWD setup from racing Miatas. Going RWD also fits Mazda's premium push so everything just line up perfectly.
Imagining a RWD CX7, CX9 and the new 6, maybe even a 250 to 300 hp Miata.
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