Stabilizer bar, bar link, bushings questions

2002 Mazda Protege5
Hey Everyone,

This weekends car project entails replacing both rear strut assembly units because the rear passenger strut mount is completely shot. Mechanic wanted to charge $1000 to get the job done so it looks like I am teaching myself something new instead. I ordered two Monroe rear struts from RockAuto (271589, 271588). I'll replace both and then take the car somewhere to get a tire alignment.

I was looking into replacing at least the stabilizer bar end links but I am confused as to which mm lengths to choose from.. Some are 187mm long and others 220mm from RockAuto. Which is the standard length?

This also appears to be the case with the bushings too. Some are 22mm diameter and some are 23mm diameter. I guess you have to know the diameter of your stabilizer bar but assuming mine is oem stock, which diameter would I choose for the bushings?
2003 protege 5
You want the shorter links and I believe the stock rear bar is 16mm. Msp is 19mm. Awr is 21mm and progress is 22mm.