** Spring Buyer's Guide **


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well, make sure everything's tight first (ie: check the obvious), but yeah, probably the endlinks.


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well ill be getting the AWR endlinks in the spring for the front... is it worth changing out the front sway bar for a thicker one?
hey i have question for you

hey i have question

which best spring like drop front 1.5 and rear 1.8 or which spring with like normal driving but not allow damage by my front bumper on road?

or just coilovers more flex better than spring?

let me know thanks
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Probably eibach or tein paired with a set of tokico hp's. Check the chart on the first page though. Shows ride height for almost every spring made for our car.
Hey! I have been looking for this thread for a while since I'm currently swapping my MX-6 to Protege spec with Tokico Illuminas and stock springs.

I can tell you sofar that you can use rear springs from 93-97 Probes/626's and MX-6's.

Stock rates are about what non coilover aftermarket Protege springs are but the free height is a bit lower so they should lower therear slightly.

The fronts kinda fit but I'm swapping my stock MX6 springs for stock Protege LX/DX springs atleast in the front because the MX6 springs are fractionaly larger than proto springs.

Front springs are also slightly stiffer than stock but with no noticable difference in free height. You can also use 88-92 springs including the Probe with the iron block Ford V6 that has the highest stock rate I believe.


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Can we get some actual numbers on these junk yard options? Maybe even if they are put in pics beside some stock protege springs?
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Hey guys i bought eibach sport springs 1.8 all over lowered. The spring on the rear keeps on falling out of place when i drive the car. Does anyone know how to fix that problem? Thanks
I have the same problem with my sportlines. Did you fix the problem? I'm using stock struts.


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Again, if anyone wants to take over maintaining this list, just PM me. There are a few new options that aren't listed and I want to make sure this is complete listing, I just don't have the time for it.



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Someone asked me to get some info over here on spring rates.

So just to recap:

MP3 and MSP OEM Dampers are the CORE PROBLEM in the rear. They have raised the spring perch on those.

That's why you must buy aftermarket Tokicos to get a GOOD DROP on THOSE SEDANS.

The standard Sedans will drop just like the P5.

Spring rates: 180lbs/in front, 160lbs/in rear


I've been on Eibach Pro springs and stock struts for the past 4 or 5 years. It has always been a little raked for my taste and not quite low enough. But I never realized that could be from the MSP having a higher spring perch in the rear with the stock struts.

So, if I were to get illuminas for the rear would that even out the drop? Does anybody know how much more that would lower the rear? I've considered getting Sportlines, but the only difference with those would be the front drop. Would it be ok to run illuminas in the rear and stock up front?

I'd really love to get coilovers but don't have the cash...
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Will i have enough adjustment on the stock alignment parts to use KYB GR-2's and Eibach Pro's? or will i need buy parts for that as well?

Thanks Guys