Spotted CX-30 at Mazda Dealer in Japan




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I hope it sells well in Asia too. Hard to say how it will be received here, everyone seems to focus on the gratuitous plastic cladding, making it less likely to be considered as a competitive option based on first impressions/looks alone.

Have you noticed any auto trends in Japan? Are they as SUV-crazy there as we are in North America?


The styling looks good. I rather like the wide black cladding around the wheel wells and along the bottom of the doors and fenders. It should also help in preventing dings. The chrome trim around the bottom of the door windows conflicts with the blacked out trim though. Hopefully, a CX-30 will be on display at the February 2020 Chicago Auto Show so we can see it in person.
I like the black cladding too. This is what the CX-3 wanted to be. I want to see one. I doubt if it will be at the Baltimore Auto Show. Mazda wasn't there at all this year. Lately it's just been a big dealer convention. I may need to go down to the Washington DC show in January. Does anyone know how to find out if they would have one there once the date gets closer?


It's also possible to go see the CX-30 (in light blue/gray) at Mazda Brand Space Osaka, for those who don't want to go out of their way to go to a dealer. For how much longer, I don't know.

They got the CX-30 on full display... they have it powered up, and the sound system always going... pretty impressive for Bose
Even though it's a "CUV", I must say it deceivingly looks more like a car instead... it looks so un-SUV and car like that it actually looks good... better than the BP Mazda3, IMO... and since they share the same platform and mechanicals, there's just as much interior space as well.

Fit and finish and quality of materials is also amazing as well, as expected from a recent Mazda
This is a car worth waiting for and considering if you're in the market for a new car

Also, one of the guys at Mazda Brand Space Osaka is a former Mazda mechanic and is extremely knowledgable about cars, including car modding... he's not just any warm body or dumb salesman there, and will go through a detailed explanation of the engineering behind the various components of the car, but I don't know what his English skill level is, however


It's a nice showroom, at a decent location, which makes it great for out of town visitors... but it isn't worth the 1 hour train ride for you, unless you're in the area for business
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I really like this color, but I doubt it'll be available here... too unusual for American tastes

I think that is the Polymetal grey, I think it is the same thing as on the Mazda 3. In the USAm, it is available on certain trims I believe.

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