Speed World Challenge protege info

Does anyone on here have any experience with the early 2000s protege speed world challenge cars? from my memory I know Tindol , Tri-point, and a couple others raced them but after picking up an old shell I am trying to get back to realistic spec to compete in SCCA and NASA events.

i know sunbelt did the motors but they are no longer in business.


BJII Astina SP20
There was one up for sale early last year.

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Yes, i actually spoke with the owner and was trying to get it worked out. Someone got to it before me.

What i would love to find is specifics like car setup, spring rates, advice in that sort.


'02 Protege5
My car has a PAR gearset in it that I bought from a ToProtege member that got it from TriPoint FWIW.