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Sorry, but I couldn't pull the trigger (sad-ish)

Total bummer, but you made the right call. My seats haven’t gotten any better after 15k.

Been driving the wife’s 16 GT the past 2 days. So much more comfortable.

Avoidin Deer

Zoom Zoom, baby
Central Virginia
2019 CX-5 Reserve
I found when I relax my legs to the sides, the bottom bolsters press into the sides of my thighs. Bolsters are just too stiff. If I hold my legs together, there is no pressure and the seat is fine.

Unfortunately, letting my legs relax is natural and I fear holding them together will cause other soreness or leg fatigue.
Coming up on one year of ownership, I'm right there with you. I still consciously do what you did on your test drive, trying to find a solution that I know does not exist. I cannot drive with my legs squeezed together...they naturally spread a little when relaxed. I actually tried again today. Maybe I could zip-tie them together.

It's weird...I am not a big man. These seats are just so small and narrow. I'm not sitting in it...I'm balanced on top of it.

I might visit an upholstery shop just to talk to them, but I don't know if they are truly seat-fit experts. I cannot afford to take the financial hit and find a different vehicle.

Good for you for taking your time with this. I wish I had.

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