Someone with Mazda Knowledge Help!

2009 Mazda speed 3 GT Turbo
So last night I traded my 2004 f150 for a 2009 Mazda speed 3 with only 66k miles. It is my first manual car so me and my buddy were practicing on some back roads. He had some trouble going into first after a stop sign so he stalled out like three times.. after he finally got it I started to smell the expensive burnt clutch smell. About a mile down the road we stopped at a gas station (car appeared fine, was downshifting fine. When I tried to leave the gas station the car would not get out of nuetral( was able to move around just not into a gear) I checked brake fluid. My mechanic doesn't have time to look at it today and I'm scared I might have to fix my clutch after having the car for 30 minutes? #brokecollegekid

What do you guys think? Slave cylinder? Transmission? Fluid leak?
Slave cylinder. Turn the car off and put the car into 1st and then start it. If it starts without buckling then it might be something other than the slave cylinder. If it buckles then the slave cylinder needs to be bled.


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If it's in gear, it won't try to start with the clutch out.