Solved..2011 CX9 Power Tailgate Would not open

Just an FYI, power tailgate on 2011 CX9 Grand Touring would not open using the switch or manually. Disconnected battery and reconnected...nothing. Thought would need a trip to the dealer. But after a few more minutes checking it out, come to find out the tailgate was being obstructed by aluminum (?) trim strip on rear bumper that was slightly deformed. So the leading edge of the strip was touching the bottom of the tailgate. I think it may have been bumped by another vehicle ever so slightly in a parking lot, and bent. Hope this helps somebody else to check before assuming it's the mechanism like I did.
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08 CX-9 GT FWD
Good to know! The ball on the lift gate shell is also temperamental. Some have reported the ball ripping off. I try to limit using the button if possible.