Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 or 3 A/C

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I need to look into this...I recently painted all the trim pieces, which went fine, and I had to remove all this stuff (just the big rectangular connector, didn't pull individual wires out)...and I noticed this being a lot worse than it ever was before...

setting 2 blinks constantly now pretty much no matter what...3 occasionally, and 1 and 4 is fine as always...before I messed around with removing this stuff I would maybe 3 or 4 times a month notice it blink on 2...but NEVER anything i'm hoping its related to these spade connectors or whatever, and nothing else...

also, just to help narrow it down...i'm having only AC light blinking (and am positive the compressor goes on and off with it, i feel the slight bump in throttle at lower speeds) speed is all fine, hasn't changed...its just 2 being worse than ever, and now 3 starting to follow suit...i'll try this next week hopefully when I get a chance...


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A few days ago I used needle-nosed pliers to lessen the gap in my spade connectors, and 1 and 4 are solid again. 2 and 3 don't work.

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Ever since I noticed mine being mainly a problem with extreme hasn't happened since...and I didn't change anything...It now will only blink on speed 2 when the cabin is roasted...within 5 minutes or so on speed 4, all other speeds stay solid...really weird, but this apparently will keep getting worse so color me concerned...still...
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Please respond...

When this post for fixing flickering light ob certain position first began, thsoe who completed this mod can say that the problem was FIXED?

Or should I just buy a new A/C Heater control unit?
I recently purchased a 02 Protege5 that 1 & 4 works but blinks at times. When it works the air is cold as heck but wehn set to heat it just blows air.

Thank you
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Just did this fix. before it i only had ac on fan setting 1. been that way for a long time. the ac light now stays on with all 4 speeds. excellent, but now it doesn't blow cold. in fact its quite warm, no matter the temp setting. i looked under the dash and all the cables seem to be operating correctly. i tried charging the system with a can of freon(maybe it was too low) but it wouldn't take any.

this is irritating cuz at least i had cold air on one setting, now none. please help!
Just had a very similar issue. No fan on 1, 2, 3. AC light on when switch is on 1, 2, 3, but no airflow. Setting 4 worked with fan, but no AC light and AC compressor disengaged.

Did fan connector trick, same BS. Pulled blower motor resistor, and there is a small little something-or-other that's soldered to the end of the plate that was half missing. Scraped off what was left of it (just looked like solder), fired up the soldering gun and laid down a jumper solder line between the two now exposed 'poles' on the resistor plate.

Put it all back together, everything works perfectly. Cost me 0 dollars and 0 cents. YMMV.
Im having this issue but I cant find any pics/photos linked from the thread on how to remove the appropriate dash components out for this. Do I need to pull the radio? I tried pulling out one of the side panels near the floor and ended up cracking one and then realizing the part where the AC button is, is out of reach from the bottom anyway :(

Does anyone know how to access the wiring that I need to clean in order to get the AC to stop flickering?

Interestingly, a work around thats working for me now is if I turn the AC off when switching fan modes and then turn it back on, it usually works.


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Here's a youtube video that can help -

Unfortunately all the pics on the links below are broken but perhaps reading through them will help as well. I do know that you can pull the top out a bit but you'll have to disconnect the physical cables from the control the a/c flap door.
I bought my 02 Protege5 last year and have had this exact problem (AC works only on 1, fan still blows on 2,3 &4 but no AC or AC light) ever since. Almost bought a new switch then found this forum thread. I used a precision screwdriver (tiny kind to fix eyeglasses etc.) to pop the tabs for wires 1-4, crimped them down and plugged them back in. BOOM ice-cold AC on #4 !!!

I created this account just to thank all of you for the help!! If the problem reappears I will try a more permanent electrical solution like soldering.

Update: I found this old thing in the glove compartment so it's already been replaced before.

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